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Welcome to my program page where you find out more about what I offer.

If you haven’t done so already, your first step should be to decide whether or not this holistic business coaching site is for you.

Your next step once you read about my programs is to check out my FREE gift to you


The Pretty Profits Business Transformation Program

This program is an exclusive 6-month private coaching program for holistic business owners and healers such as massage therapists, nutritionists, weight-loss coaches, reiki and energy workers, social workers, acupuncturists, and others with a similar vision.

This program is designed to give you the step-by-step information, inspiration, motivation, accountability, and coaching you need to break through your internal barriers, create clarity and focus, and discover your dream practice.

I currently only have two more spots available for clients.

Interested in knowing more? Schedule time with me for your free gift and to discuss your options. 


Private Confidential Peer Review Services for Bodyworkers

Recently I had a massage at one of the higher-end spas in Bradenton from their most popular therapist. She’d been practicing for years. And you know what she did? She leaned so far forward that she put her breasts in contact with with my head multiple times, and again when she was working on my feet. Unacceptable!

Unfortunately, I have many stories like this from therapists who should have chosen to undergo a regular peer review to identify these bad habits and red flags.

I regularly offer confidential peer review to LMTs.

  • Identify bad habits so that you can break them.
  • Receive unbiased feedback on your consultation and intake process, your hands-on work, your draping skills, and your presence.
  • Take your skills to the next level with small touches and niceties that will have your clients bragging to their friends about how “their” massage therapist is the best in the area.
  • Adjust your technique so that your relaxation massages are truly like an hour vacation on your table.
  • Are you receiving unwanted attention from your clients? You may be sending out the wrong signals unintentionally through your marketing, your phone skills, your draping… it’s almost impossible to tell without having someone help you.

I also offer consultation on the following areas:

Patient Intake and Paperwork

Improve your intake process so that you understand exactly what your client wants and how to give it to them while still setting reasonable expectations.

Fine tune your paperwork so that clients understand and respect your cancellation policy, give you the medical information you need to safely work on them, and let you in on why they’re really there (whether they know it or not).

Reduce Your Cancellation Rate

Tired of cancellations? Chances are you’re subconciously sabotaging your own book of business. Avoid the most common mistakes and see your cancellation and no show rate drop dramatically.

Keep Your Book Full

Tired of patients saying, “I’ll call you when I need you”? Take the leadership role and increase your rebook rate so you stay busy and clients get the results they want.

Get More Client Referrals

Clients who already know, like, and trust you, and who have already received the benefits of your work can be a source of steady business. Learn why you aren’t already getting referrals, how to ask for more, and how to train each and every patient without feeling like a pest.

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