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Quick and Easy Blog Ideas for Massage, Spa, and Healthcare Businesses

Not sure what to put on your business blog? Need some writing prompts? Here are 10 quick and easy ideas to get your creative juices flowing and your fingers typing. Feel free to comment with a link to your finished article if this has inspired you!

1) What are some frequently asked questions your clients present to you? Write each one down. Some might be worthy of a blog post while others are going to be great for a series of posts.

2) What kinds of conditions have you had success with in previous clients? With the permission of your client, hopefully someone you’ve already gotten a testimonial from, write up a case study.

3) What products do you sell? Each is worth its own blog post. Make sure to include a picture and, even better, a video of someone using the product.

4) What mistakes do your clients make? Write a blog post about common mistakes and their solutions. You may even be able to make a series of posts.

5) Why did you get into doing what you do? Add a personal touch with this. What drives you to help others? What do you love about your job?

6) What does current research say about your work? Each condition that’s been proven to benefit from your work could be its own post, along with links to sources.

7) Who do you recommend that’s a complimentary service to yours? Perhaps if you’re a massage therapist you know several chiropractors, or acupuncturists. Maybe a nail tech or facial specialist. Highlight them on your blog and suggest that they do the same for you.

8) How can current clients refer to you? Make a step-by-step blog post to help them.

9) What home-use products do people have questions about? How to use ice vs heat is a common one, for example.

10) What can’t you help with? It’s important that clients know when it’s better to go see a physician or another healthcare provider.

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