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Benefits vs. Features

One of the biggest mistakes that massage therapists and other healers and service providers make is talking to prospective clients about the features of their produces and services rather than the benefits.

This is a common source of confusion. By changing how you speak and think about your work, not only in your marketing but to people you see in person, you will convert more into customers, get more referrals, and see your bank balance increase.

What is a feature?

Features are thing we can list, or describe, or point out. Here are some statements I’ve heard and seen in marketing materials and in person:

– I am a licensed massage therapist
– I went to such and such a school
– I offer many modalities
– I am certified in prenatal and hot stone
– I am a personal trainer
– I use only such and such brand golf clubs in my lessons
– I wash my client’s hair myself before their style and cut
– My gym has state of the art equipment

Let’s talk about a car. The features of a car might be theĀ 30 MPG, the all-wheel drive option, the upgraded tires, and the leather seats.

What is a benefit?

Benefits are the way in which a product or service affects the lives of your customer. They are “what they get out of it”.

Here are some potential benefits of your work:

– I help people reduce the number of headaches they have
– This treatment promotes better, more restful sleep
– This club has been shown to be more accurate and reduce the amount of time spent looking for your golf ball
– This stick helps you carry your recycling to the curb without hurting your back
– This hair dye is non-toxic which means it is less likely to harm your hair, or your body, and it’s nicer to smell
– This product will make combing your child’s hair easier and with less “ouches”
– I come to you in the convenience and comfort of your home or office
– I offer evening and weekend appointments, so you don’t have to take time off of work to take care of you

Back to our car analogy. The benefits of the car might be needing to fill up the gas tank less, feeling safer on the road, and having more comfortable seats.

Action Step

Take a look at your current marketing. Are you focused on the features or the benefits? Commit to making small changes each week to address the benefits of who you are and what you offer.



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